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Thursday, June 06, 2002

<Christin> wow so i guess it worked after all. pretty impressive for me to actually figure something out that has anything to do with technology whatsoever.
the school year is almost over...didnt see it coming. only 2 more now, im halfway through. when did it all happen? i feel like it just rushed by and i missed it all. only 5 more days, 4 of those are exams. todays michelle's last day of school (i know youre crying for josh right now, dont worry hes just going to liberty. and you always have me to hang out with...who needs guys?!? hehe)

buy a lit mag, look on page 53 :)

i guess im happy that summers coming, but i still wish i could have some plans or something to look forward to. besides moving, even though we dont know where we're going...at least im going to be close to something now, not out in the middle of nowhere. k enough of feeling pessimistic. got yearbooks today :) check out the picture, page 61, its decent this year. (oh sam and i in french class...page 65...we look sooo happy to be there) oh and officially sworn in today. cherise is proud of me...someone said i have an enchanting persona. :) dont get told that every day... </Christin> <!--3:38 PM-->

<Christin> K im gonna try this blog thing out...everyone has one so there must be something to it, so i thought id try it out. its something to do this summer anyways, not doing much else. lets see if this works... </Christin> <!--3:01 PM-->


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